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ismileyx3's Journal

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Hello and welcome to arashi =) this is a community for all your arashi creations. it can be anything from fanfics to icons to fanvideos. if your tired of only sharing all your arashi masterpieces with yourself then this is the place for you. lets keep on spreading the arashi love~

Its very easy to join.i expect all of you have joined communitys. this community is the same thing.its very protected of all its members creations. why? because of course no one likes stealers or anyone that claims other peoples hard work which is why this community is moderated. if you want to join please follow these 2 steps:
1) please introduce yourself,a small introduction is good enough
2) explain why you want to join this community of all arashi communitys.
3) promise not to steal,repost,claim,hotlink,sell,or redistribute any of the creations in this community.
after doing all that you can click the join button.please dont expect that you would be accepted in an instant since i do have a life. but i promise to go on as much as possible to accept you. after you been accepted then your free to post all your masterpieces

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